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Loren Fox

Enron : The Rise and Fall

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ISBN: 0471478881
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Praise for Enrom The Rise and Fall "A sober and clear-eyed book . . . Fox places the unspooling of Enron in its market-history context, and his book has gravitas." ?Barron?s "Offers the most detailed explanation of Enron as a business." ?The New York Times "A solid, intelligent, and fair account of the hubris that made Enron famous and important, then crazy and crooked." ?Martin Mayer, author of The Fed and The Bankers "[Fox?s] candid, in-depth examination of Enron?s remarkable evolution, corporate culture, and ultimate downfall is in itself remarkable for being both scrupulously detailed while remaining a clear and enjoyable read." ?ERisk.com The word "Enron" has officially entered the American vocabulary?not as the symbol of excellence and innovation that Chairman Kenneth Lay envisioned but as the corporate embodiment of greed, excess, and unprecedented fraud. Never in history...
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