Обложка книги Futures for Small Speculators: Companion Guide

Futures for Small Speculators: Companion Guide

ISBN: 0966624556;
Издательство: Enlightened Financial Press

Single Stock Futures For Small Speculators-Workbook is the third installment in the "Small Speculators" series. On October 25th 2002,single stock futures also known as security futures were released to the world. The three main benefits are the ability to trade a stock with only 20% margin, short a stock as easily as buying, you can hedge your portfolio. This Workbook details over 80 different stocks that you will be able to trade as futures contracts. It also lays out over a dozen different sector specific indices that you will be able to trade in the futures arena. Since this Workbook complements "Futures For Small Speculators", it has questions, specific for single stock futures, that will enable you to develop a personalized Single Stock Futures Trading Plan. This book is a must have even if you don't intend to trade single stock futures, it opens your eyes to how average stock investors will be affected by this new merger between stocks and futures, and it might just...