Обложка книги How to Buy Technology Stocks

How to Buy Technology Stocks

ISBN: 0316309974;
Издательство: Little, Brown

Michael Gianturco's technology stock picks in Forbes have averaged a gain of 27.6 percent per year for the last four years (1992-1995). His investment management firm, The Princeton Portfolios, has twice been cited by the Wall Street Journal and Barron's for the highest gains achieved by any monitored portfolio. Now, with this nuts-and-bolts investment guide, Gianturco shares his expertise and shows you step-by-step how to pick the Microsofts, Compaqs, and Amgens of tomorrow. You'll learn: -The best single day of the year to buy technology stocks -The exact number of technology stocks you should have in your portfolio -Why "Value investing" doesn't apply to technology stocks, and what factors you should look for instead -The eight common mistakes to aviod like poison -What to look for in each Technology -from the Internet to biotech -including specifics on promising companies and emerging technologies -A simple,...

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