Обложка книги Managing a Family-Fixed Income Portfolio

Managing a Family-Fixed Income Portfolio

ISBN: 1883249716;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

As the Dow continues its bumpy ride, many investors are looking for safe investments that will let them sleep at night. Fixed income portfolios can help investors meet their investment goals and avoid the turbulence of today?s markets. Managing a Family Fixed Income Portfolio fills a gap in the world of investment literature by providing a serious, analytical understanding of bonds and the bond markets that is accessible to non-specialists. In this exploration of a much-neglected Goldman Sachs FixedIncome Research Strategist Aaron Gurwitz offers a blueprint for mastering fixed income portfolio management for families. The book begins with the basic concepts of bond math, asset allocation, and bond portfolio construction. Discussions of the workingsof the global bond market focus on the sectors of most interest to high net worth families, including the U.S. municipal bond market, the eurodollar corporate market, and the global government markets. The final section of the book...

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