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Thomas F. Basso

Panic-Proof Investing: Lessons in Profitable Investing from a Market Wizard

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ISBN: 0471030244, 9780471030249
Издательство: Wiley
Год издания: 1994
Страниц: 152
" concise, easy-to-read, and filled with solid advice. An evening spent reading Panic-Proof Investing could prove to be one of the best investments the novice investor can make." ?Jack Schwager author, The New Market Wizards Featured in Jack Schwager?s bestselling The New Market Wizards, Tom Basso is one of the most popular and most quoted professional traders in the world. In a book rich with wit, wisdom, and a wealth of practical advice, Tom Basso, a.k.a. "Mr. Serenity," tells you how tocenter yourself for smart, balanced investment choices. Taking aim at internal roadblocks to success, Tom clearly shows why the sine qua non of being a successful investor is to "know thyself." Writing in a jargon-free, down-to-earth style, he prepares you for the investment process with tips on how to stay focused; how to avoid and cope with common frustrations; and how to avoid psychological pitfalls that lead to poor decision-making and disappointing returns. Witty, familiar,...