Обложка книги Private Thoughts from a Trader's Diary

Private Thoughts from a Trader's Diary


ISBN: 0934380813;
Издательство: Traders Press

Larry Pesavento and Peggy MacKay, professional traders, team up for their 2nd book together. Their first book, Opening Price Principal, was published in October 2000 and has already been reprinted. It became a qualified success. This second book begins with an admonition that, "A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others." With this in mind, the authors take you through an in depth look at their daily trading principles and tactics. Not just one day, but you are treated to many days of trading. Each trading decision they made is explained in detail. You actually see into their minds and thought processes. It is a unique experience. New and old traders, Pesavento students and other traders will all gain new insights from the many trading examples shown. Their vast experience and knowledge will help the reader traverse the dangers land of trading markets.