Обложка книги Retire Rich : The Baby Boomer's Guide to a Secure Future

Retire Rich : The Baby Boomer's Guide to a Secure Future

ISBN: 0471358487; 9780471358480;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 222

WHAT DOES RETIREMENT MEAN TO YOU? Will your retirement be a comfortable and enjoyable new stage of adulthood or a time of uncertainty, strict economizing, and reduced options? As retirement planning guru Bambi Holzer explains, the choice is yours?but the time to act is now, while youre still earning a steady income. Written by a baby boomer for baby boomers, in clear, nontechnical language, Retire Rich takes the fear and mystery out of planning, saving, and investing for the future, whether youre just getting started or well along in your retirement planning. Enhanced by helpful charts, tables, and worksheets, Retire Rich offers you a golden opportunity to secure your financial future and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with taking chargeof this very important part of your life. "With Bambis help and advice, a person can truly plan successfully for a secure retirement. Every baby boomer will benefit from reading this book." ?Donald A. Connelly,...

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