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Arthur Levitt, Paula Dwyer

Take on the Street: How to Fight for Your Financial Future

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ISBN: 0-37571-402-2
Издательство: Vintage
Страниц: 384
In "Take on the Street", Arthur Levitt - Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission for eight years under President Clinton - provides the best kind of insider information: the kind that can help honest, small investors protect themselves from the deliberately confusing ways of Wall Street. At a time when investor confidence in Wall Street and corporate America is at an historic low, when many are seriously questioning whether or not they should continue to invest, Levitt offers the benefits of his own experience, both on Wall Street and as its chief regulator. His straight talk about the ways of stockbrokers (they are salesmen, plain and simple), corporate financial statements (the truth is often hidden), mutual fund managers (remember who they really work for), and other aspects of the business will help to arm everyone with the tools they need to protect - and enhance - their financial future. Издание на английском языке.