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Frank, III Armstrong

The Informed Investor: A Hype-Free Guide to Constructing a Sound Financial Portfolio

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ISBN: 0814472508
Издательство: American Management Association
Most people are scared stiff by investment risk. But what most people don't know is that the biggest risk is simply investor behavior. Irrational and fearful, investors routinely chase after investment rainbows offering high returns with zero risk...or sell off stocks in a panic when the market is down...or horde their money in T-bills, which historically have just barely outpaced inflation. The only way to eliminate such self-destructive behavior is to get hard facts on how the stock market reallyworks. Fortunately, anyone can learn -- not just the analysts on Wall Street -- with The Informed Investor . Packed with eye-opening charts and graphs, this powerful book shows how to develop an investment strategy that yields the highest return with the lowest risk. The Informed Investor : * Replaces "voodoo investing" methods with proven real-world strategies and groundbreaking academic research. * Provides a thorough education in financial economics. * Explains how...
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