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Marilyn H. Crockett, Diane T. Felenstein, Dale Burg

The Money Club: Is Your Financial Future Safe? What Every Woman Should Know

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ISBN: 0684846055
Издательство: Fireside Books
DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR MONEY? * If your husband died, could you keep living in your current home? * Do you know how much money you have for retirement? * Are you afraid of becoming a "bag lady"? Many smart, competent women feel insecure about dealing with money. They delegate authority to their spouses or an adviser, or they pretend financial issues simply don't exist -- and at the same time they fear they will suddenly be left without money. But ignoring your financial safety can lead to disaster. Here, in plain English, are all the answers you need to feel secure about your future. The Money Club contains the lessons of a group of successful women who, despite their personal and professional achievements, didn't know enough about their finances. They joined together to learn what they needed to know, and now they share their knowledge with you. Here are all the answers you need for saving, investing, and planning for your...