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George Fisher

The Streetsmart Guide to Overlooked Stocks : A Guide to Investing in the Best Overlooked Stocks for Superior Returns

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ISBN: 0071406786
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Strategies to uncover tomorrow's stock price leaders­­before the market bids them out of sight Today's stock market is filled with highpotential companies that, for one reason or another, have slipped beneath the radar screens of analysts and money managers. The Streetsmart Guide to Overlooked Stocks outlines a simple yet effective approach for uncovering these outstanding opportunities ahead of the pack. It shows readers how to find investment gems through: Fundamental research and management analysis Understanding underlying market trends Quantitative analysis of stock price value This latest addition to McGraw-Hill's popular Streetsmart series provides indepth analyses of 30 actual companies that have remained a secret­­but are destined to be discovered.
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