Обложка книги The Traders

The Traders

ISBN: 0934380228;
Издательство: Traders Press

Insightful exploration into life as a trader on the floor. To gather the inside knowledge necessary to write this fascinating book, author Kleinfield spent months with individual traders on the floors of 5 major financial exchanges: the NYSE; American Stock Exchange (options pit); Chicago Board of Trade; Chicago Mercantile Exchange; Commodity Exchange Center. Makes you feel like you are standing right in the trading pits yourself, amidst the frenzied excitement. Pure pleasure reading that shows you what really transpires on the floor. 214 pgs. As quoted from the dust cover: In this book, Gary will show you exactly how he has compiled that real-time trading record. He will explain everything about his methods. He will tell you how his trading has changed over the years and how he trades right now. He will teach you the rules he follows and show you detailed computerized historical testing. There are numerous chart examples showing what happened on days Gary actually traded using...

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