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Neil T. Weintraub

Tricks of the Floor Trader: Insider Trading Techniques for the Off-the-Floor Trader

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ISBN: 1557389136
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade
Every trader will want to explore these practical, easy-to-use money-making tips from a 10-year veteran of the trading floor. Neal Weintraub describes the strategies and tactics used by floor traders and how to incorporate them successfully. Written in aseries of short chapters, the ``tricks'' used by professional traders are grouped into four sections: strategies, and tactics; psychology and discipline; money management; and general tricks and tips, Throughout, Weintraub unveils an extraordinary amountof information on how pros make money in today's fast-paced trading pits. Readers will learn a variety of techniques, from trading a government report to exploiting overbought and oversold markets. Tricks of the Floor Trader also includes: Calculating each day's support and resistance; Intermarket trading techniques; Tips to getting the best fills from you broker.
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