Обложка книги What's Your Investing Iq?

What's Your Investing Iq?


ISBN: 1564146324;
Издательство: Career Press

Planning for a secure financial future has never been more challenging-or richer with opportunity. By the dynamic co-authors of the popular The Newlyweds' Guide to Investing & Personal Finance (Career Press, 2001), this book is a fun, educational tool tohelp familiarize readers with the investment options available to them. Each chapter features multiple-choice questions about investing, finance, and economics, with hypothetical points awarded for each correct answer. Readers will be able to tally theirscores-and learn where they fall on the Investing IQ Scale-at the end of each chapter. The real learning occurs in the answers, which provide definitions, historical perspective, and suggestions on how financial vehicles can best be deployed. Learning about investing is something all of us have to do-it might as well be fun!

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