Обложка книги Beating the Dow

Beating the Dow

ISBN: 0-06-662047-3;
Издательство: HarperBusiness
Страниц: 324

In 1991, Michael B.O'Higgins, one of the nation's top money managers, turned the investment world upside down with an ingenious strategy, showing how all investors -from those with only $5,000 to invest to millionaires -could beat the pros 95% of the time by putting 100% of their equity investment into the high-yield, low-risk "dog" stocks of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. His formula spawned a veritable industry, including websites, mutual funds, and $20 billion worth of investments, elevating the theory to legendary status. Reflecting on the greatest bull market of our time, this must-have investment guide has been revised and updated for a new economy. With current company and stock profiles, as well as new charts, statistics, graphs, and figures, Beating the Dow is the smart investment that you -and your portfolio -can't afford to miss

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