Обложка книги Bull! 144 Stupid Statements from the Market's Fallen Prophets

Bull! 144 Stupid Statements from the Market's Fallen Prophets

ISBN: 0740736124;
Издательство: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Book Description o "We're going to reach the point where stocks are correctly priced, and we think that's 36,000." -James Glassman, best-selling authoro "Not even Greenspan can stop the Internet economy." -Larry Kudlow, economisto "Our techs are all overvalued but that's not a factor right now." -Jim Cramer, CNBCThrough the 1990s, stocks went up for so long that millions started to believe the pundits who predicted they would climb forever. The market was heralded as a magic get-rich-quick scheme-and its stars were the breathless financial reporters, analysts, politicians, and CEOs who urged Americans to buy, buy, buy and hold, hold, hold. But trees don't grow to the sky and as the market plummets by frequent and lasting double-digit drops, these stars no longer seem as bright. In retrospect, some seem downright stupid. Authors Greg Eckler and L. M. Mac Donald use their wry perspective to profile them all, reminding us that there was a whole team of "experts" encouraging us to rip...

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