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Mergent's Handbook of Nasdaq Stocks Spring 2004: Featuring Year End-Results for 2003

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ISBN: 0471663409
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Год издания: 2004
Book Description Mergent's Handbook of NASDAQ Stocks ? offers you quick and easy access to key financial statistics on companies listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. This handbook, updated quarterly, presents market data, performance ratios, stock prices, and dividend information of recent quarterly results as well as future prospects in succinct one-page profiles. Filled with the latest available facts and figures, Mergent's Handbook of NASDAQ Stocks helps you make the most informed investment decisions. Each full-page company profile includes: Business Summary - highlights products, markets, and business line; Summary of recent developments, including latest quarterly earnings reports; Stock performance chart; Ten years of income statement and balance sheet data, if available; Key performance ratios; Officers, address, phone and fax numbers, Web sites, transfer agents, auditor, investor contact and legal counsel; and more. ...
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