Обложка книги HT Make Money on Foreclosures

HT Make Money on Foreclosures

ISBN: 1572485205;
Издательство: Sphinx Publishing

Book Description"The key to making money in real estate is finding motivated sellers. Financial trouble is the single biggest motivator, with home foreclosures now are at a 10-year high. The key to making money in foreclosures is understanding your placein the "distress cycle." A foreclosure purchase is a great way to buy property at below-market price, rent it out to others or fix it up and sell it for a profit. This title covers everything from finding properties in foreclosure, to negotiating with sellers in financial distress, to reselling the properties with a healthy profit. It addresses negotiating procedures with lenders, working with auctions and dealing with repossessions. Written from a real estate expert's point of view, this title gives valuable information regarding investing in real estate, keeping the profit and maybe even quitting your day job."