Обложка книги Strategic Index Investing

Strategic Index Investing

ISBN: 1585972959;
Издательство: Leathers Publishing

Book DescriptionExchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are one of the most important financial developments of the last fifty years. This book explains, in easy to understand terms, how ETFs work and the many advantages they offer compared to traditional mutual funds. Specific strategies are discussed to help the reader construct a winning, long-term investment portfolio using ETFs that will succeed regardless of changing market conditions, economic uncertainty or political climate. "Strategic Index Investing" details a 21st Century approach to portfolio management that is based on: 1) the advantages offered by exchange-traded index funds, 2) the diversification benefits of asset allocation, 3) the efficiency of indexing, and 4) the flexibility of active portfolio management strategies. From actual investment strategies designed to maximize return and minimize risk to an examination of the pitfalls associated with buy-and-hold investing and traditional mutual funds, this book provides a...

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