Обложка книги Cloning: Responsible Science or Technomadness? (Contemporary Issues)

Cloning: Responsible Science or Technomadness? (Contemporary Issues)


ISBN: 1573928364;
Издательство: Prometheus Books

With the birth of the cloned sheep named "Dolly," a technique once found only in science fiction has suddenly become reality, along with a host of new ethical, social, religious, and public policy dilemmas. What potential benefits could cloning researchoffer for the treatment of human disease? How do the scientific facts differ from the public perception of cloning? Will it be possible to clone human beings in the near future, and if so, for what purpose? Are scientists playing God? Should the government regulate such research? These are just a few of the profound questions addressed in this timely collection of the most significant articles on the subject of cloning. Michael Ruse and Aryne Sheppard have selected the work of leading scientists, medical ethicists, healthcare specialists, philosophers, and representatives of various religous denominations to create an overview of the many issues raised by this amazing scientific advance. Contributors include: Justine...