Обложка книги Current Issues in Business Ethics (Professional Ethics)

Current Issues in Business Ethics (Professional Ethics)


ISBN: 0415124492;
Издательство: Routledge

With business cycles and office politics everpresent in the workplace, conversations often hinge on topics such as market share, "rightsizing," and "the bottom line." In today's business climate the focus is often not so much on the facts of the decision, but rather how and why the decision is being made. Ethical issues now permeate the language of business. This collection of essays explores current issues in business ethics through the eyes of leading authorities. Analyzing the deeper questions which underlie business activities, the first part argues that the prime object for a legitimate business must be sustainability. Part two looks at the relationship between individuals and businesses, asking whether businesses can support their employeesas an alternative to family and church. Lastly, the impact of recent trends in business is examined including the activities of global corporations, the changing gender balance, and privatization.

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