Обложка книги Death of a Rat: Understandings and Appreciations of Science

Death of a Rat: Understandings and Appreciations of Science

ISBN: 1573928143;
Издательство: Prometheus Books

Is science amoral? Are scientists ethical? Why is the pathway to solving important scientific problems commonly so tortuous? Can unorthodox ideas get a fair trial from the scientific establishment? How do religion and politics influence science education today? What role does serendipity play in science? What are some of the obstacles to scientific progress? How do great ideas originate? Are the people who make scientific discoveries always given the full credit they deserve? Does science history repeat itself? To what extent does fraud occur in science and why would researchers engage in it? Questions like these are not commonly raised let alone discussed in high school or college classrooms. Yet gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of science by attempting to confront these vital concerns might go a long way toward reducing popular misperceptions about science while improving science literacy among the general public, a challenge issued to all scientists by...

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