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Michael E. Berumen

Do No Evil: Ethics with Applications to Economic Theory and Business

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ISBN: 0595657249
Издательство: iUniverse
Being good is not good enough to be moral. In Do No Evil , Michael Berumen debunks the notions that moral judgments are subjective preferences and that there are no universal standards of morality. He analyzes leading normative theories and gives biographical highlights on several important philosophers. Berumen then sets forth his own theory: the only basis for universal morality is the avoidance of death and suffering, in contrast to conventional conceptions of promoting good, which he shows cannot form a basis for universal rules of conduct. Berumen then examines the concepts of property, exchange, competition, and inequality, and shows why capitalism occupies the default position of morality, and why socialism is problematic. With that said, he also explains why property rights are not unlimited, and how morality serves to constrain capitalist acts. The last part of the book deals with business-related topics. Berumen demonstrates that a business is...