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Muel Kaptein

Ethics Management: Auditing and Developing the Ethical Content of Organizations (Issues in Business Ethics, V. 10)

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ISBN: 0792350952
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
+ Why is ethics important to organizations? + What are the characteristics of an ethical organization? + How can we audit the ethics of an organization? + What measures and activities stimulate the ethical development of organizations? This book addresses these questions. It is easier to say that ethics is necessary than to tell how to organize ethics. This book provides a fundamental and coherent vision on how ethics can be organized in a focused way. This study examines the assumptions for organizing ethics, the pitfalls and phases of such a process, the parts of an ethics audit and the great variety of measures. The methods and insights illustrated in this book are based partially on practical research. One of these methods, the Ethics Thermometer, was based on more than 150 interviews at various organizations. The Ethics Thermometer has been applied in a great variety of profit and not-for-profit organizations in order to measure an organization's perceived...