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Alan Farnham

Forbes Great Success Stories: Twelve Tales of Victory Wrested from Defeat

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ISBN: 0471383597
Издательство: Wiley
Success is even sweeter the second time around In this inspiring book you will meet twelve extraordinary people?from a software tycoon to the founder of a toy empire?who soared to the top of the business world only to plummet like Icarus from the heights?at which point their real stories, excitingly told in this book, begin. What follows in each case is a remarkable, true tale of despair overcome, confidence reborn, goals redefined, determination rediscovered, and success reclaimed! Never deterred by minor setbacks, disappointments, or missed opportunities, these business giants faced utter ruin in a bewildering variety of forms, from personal bankruptcy and business failure to devastating illness, natural disaster, and even criminal indictment and incarceration. Yet, each of these modern-day heroes, though forever changed, scarred, and humbled by tragedy, discovered an unfathomable reserve of strength and dedication and rose again. Prepare to redefine...