Обложка книги Sleeping Dogs: ...Ethics in the Workplace

Sleeping Dogs: ...Ethics in the Workplace

ISBN: 0595190960;
Издательство: Writers Club Press

Your character is your most valuable professional asset. Your long-term success depends upon it. If you want to enjoy the respect of your clients and co-workers, you must establish that you can be counted on to treat them fairly and honestly. In this case actions really do speak louder than words. Your conscience serves as a watchdog alerting you when you are in danger of an ethical misstep. The problem is that as you incrementally make small concessions to expediency over principle, your watchdog canbe lulled to sleep. It’s time to rattle his cage and wake him up! A fast paced mix of theory and case studies, this book will keep you engaged and entertained. You’re sure to recognize yourself and your co-workers in the enlightening and often humorous scenarios.