Обложка книги Teaching Business Ethics for Effective Learning

Teaching Business Ethics for Effective Learning

ISBN: 1567204821;
Издательство: Quorum Books

The key to teaching business ethics successfully, says Sims, is to start with clear goals and a sensible expectation of outcomes, and with a true knowledge and appreciation of how people actually learn. Proceeding with the conviction that open communications between teacher and student before, during, and after the teaching experience is vital, Sims identifies key teaching processes, gives practical advice on designing and planning the curriculum, and offers guidance on how to develop a climate conduciveto effective learning. He also emphasizes learning styles and experiential learning theory as cornerstones of teaching business ethics, an approach unlike any in the literature. An important guide for those who are new to teaching this essential subject,Sims' book will also help more experienced teachers who wonder why their own methods do not always work, or do not work as well as they think they should.

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