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Barbara Katz Rothman

The Book of Life: A Personal and Ethical Guide to Race, Normality, and the Implications of the Human Genome Project

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ISBN: 0807004510
Издательство: Beacon Press
The new genetics and race, illness, and procreation. Scientists are racing to unravel the code of life in our DNA sequences. But once we know the code, will we know what life means? Will we know what to do with the powerful-healing, destructive, and marketable-information we will have? Barbara Katz Rothman's warm, learned, passionate, and humorous voice is just the one we need to guide us through some of the most loaded issues and technologies of our time-ones that bear on the most intimate aspects of our lives. Her astute observations about the new genetics are combined with personal reflections: about raising a black child; the risks of cancer; midwives and pregnancy; the social web into which we are born; motherhood; time, growth, chance, and all the indefinable things that make us human. She helps us to think about the place of genetic science in our own lives, its role in our social world, and how we choose to think about human life itself. A genetic map will take...