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Marlene Caroselli

The Business Ethics Activity Book: 50 Exercises for Promoting Integrity at Work

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ISBN: 0814472001
Издательство: AMACOM
In an age of ethical decay at organizations of every type, a call is being sounded for accountability. Accordingly, companies must educate their employees and executives regarding acceptable practice. The Business Ethics Activity Book presents an array of provocative activities that will help encourage a more ethical approach to: * Leadership: promoting courage, commitment, and moral responsibility * Workplace conduct: building an ethical environment on individual behavior * Salesmanship: exploring the relationships between sellers and their customers * Management: leading employees by example in daily situations * Teamwork: fostering group behavior that reflects the company's moral outlook Each section features an interview with a leadingethicist, and every activity provides step-by-step instructions. Also, discussion prompts and suggestions for variations enable the trainer or leader to expand each exercise's application. These exercises will push organizations to...