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Jarol B. Manheim

The Death of a Thousand Cuts: Corporate Campaigns and the Attack on the Corporation

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ISBN: 0805838317
Издательство: Lea
A corporate campaign is an organized assault on the reputation of a company that has offended some interest group. Although corporate campaigns often involve political, economic, and legal tactics, they are centered around the media, where protagonists attempt to redefine the image-and undermine the reputation-of the target company. It is a strategy most frequently employed by unions but is also employed by special interests such as environmental or human rights groups. Sometimes it is even employed by one corporation against another. It is a rapidly growing phenomenon that is still unknown to the general public, to most academics and journalists, and is rarely understood by the corporations that find themselves on the firing line. The Death of a Thousand Cuts argues and demonstrates that corporate campaigns are a distinctive phenomenon whose manifestations are today ubiquitous in both the marketplace and the media. This volume examines, in considerable detail, the history,...