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Cheryl A. Chatfield

The Trust Factor: The Art of Doing Business in the 21st Century

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ISBN: 0865342644
Издательство: Sunstone Press
Can you be trusted to do your job well if you don't feel it is important? Can you be trusted to treat others with integrity? Can you be trusted to do the best job possible if you are not working in areas that reflect your strengths and can you trust yourcompany to fairly evaluate you if you're not? And what if your company doesn't value its employees or encourage entrepreneurial thinking? Can you trust that company with your loyalty or trust it to successfully meet the challenges of tomorrow? The answers to these and many other questions are found in THE TRUST FACTOR, an exciting book that also provides practical guidelines to create a stimulating work environment in which integrity and ingenuity can thrive. The book concludes with a simple exercise that will measure your individual and your company's "trust factor."