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PhD. John B. Izzo, Pam Withers

Values-Shift: The New Work Ethic and What it Means for Business

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ISBN: 0968214967
Издательство: Wasserman Medical Publishers
Partnership. Balance. Synergy. Community. These are some of the values shaping the work ethic that is transforming the workplace. An understanding of this transformation is essential for business leaders who want to attract and keep the very best employees. Value-Shift defines how and why our work ethic is changing, and it focuses on the six major shifts people expect from work. As well, if it offers practical ideas on what companies and managers can do to retain and inspire the people they need and value. Based on leading edge research and experiences with more than 200 companies, John Izzo and Pam Withers help people understand these shifting values and how they differ across generations and across gender.