Обложка книги Wall Street & Wildflowers:  Choices about Life in Corporate America

Wall Street & Wildflowers: Choices about Life in Corporate America

ISBN: 0965039005;
Издательство: Spirit-at-Work Publications

Wall Street & Wildflowers contains lessons about life in Corporate America with powerful insights and recommendations leading to personal growth and change. A book that everyone in or out of Corporate America can relate to easily, from the newest employee to the seasoned CEO. Dr. Vandermark's insights focus on age-old and time-tested ideas and suggestions for dealing with work-related problems. A gift for friends or relatives in Corporate America, one that will be eagerly read and often revisited. Wall Street & Wildflowers is one of the most unique business books ever written. In this 224-page volume, Dr. Vandermark writes inspiringly and with poetic verse about the agony and delight of living and working in Corporate America. Insights and choices follow each of the 45 poems found in the book and provide the basis for discussion, training, or simply deep contemplation about the choices we all face as members of the corporate scene. An easy-to-read book, you can open to any page...

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