Обложка книги Ethics and Social Concern

Ethics and Social Concern

ISBN: 0595094104;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 452

Ethics and Social Concern gives undergraduate students an overview of key issues in the three major fields of applied ethics: Business, Medicine, and Mass Media/Journalism. Anthony Serafini has collected the most poignant essays and articles by some of the most provocative philosophers and writers within these areas of applied ethics. Among the critical topics covered are: Should AIDS Victims BE Quarantined? Multinational Corporations In Vitro Fertilization and Feminist Ethics Whistleblowing: The ReporterA?s Role Blackmailing Integrity in Journalism Confidential Sources The Profit Motive in Medicine To help students see the common underlying ethical themes across these fields of inquiry, Serafini has written introductions to each section to ferret out the affinities and connections between the articles.