Обложка книги Aw Shucks, I Screwed-Up Again

Aw Shucks, I Screwed-Up Again

ISBN: 0971079684;
Издательство: Filbert Publishing

Book DescriptionThis book is for the regular "foot soldier" slogging their way sometimes fitfully to the top of the business heap. It?s for every success-minded employee who has (or will have) more than their share of unusual encounters along their way. It's about Two-Fingered Tony, the Mafioso of the aluminum industry; Sleepy Joe, the recruiter who fell asleep while interviewing applicants; and a host of other oddballs. True stories all. Short and punchy. To the point. Serious stuff, yes. But handled in a humorous way, because business is the stuff of pure comedy. This book is dedicated to everyone who?s striving to get ahead in today?s tough business climate, a climate fractured by companies such as Enron and WorldCom. This book will help you advance your career in an environment inundated with unworkable and useless conventional wisdom. After reading "Aw, Shucks" you?ll avoid a whole lot of grief during your personal corporate journey. ...