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Larry Ruddell

Business Ethics--Faith That Works: Leading Your Company to Long Term Success

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ISBN: 1931823162
Издательство: Halcyon Press
Год издания: 2004
Book Description Business Ethics?Faith That Works shows how faith forms the foundation for the theory and practice of business ethics and how ethical leadership leads to long term success in business. It challenges readers to understand their own beliefs and actively base the ethics they practice in business on those beliefs. The book begins by defining terms and describing Ruddell's model for business ethics. Using the logic of C.S. Lewis (from Mere Christianity ) that all people agree on common standards; the book then argues that we must find that common standard for business ethics. Ruddell uses the example of the American Republic and the capitalistic economic system (Adam Smith) to illustrate how we can have one standard for an organization while allowing a diversity of ideas among the individuals in that organization. Once we realize that belief plays a critical role in forming our business ethics, then what belief system works most effectively? Ruddell...