Обложка книги Ethics and the Business of Bioscience

Ethics and the Business of Bioscience

ISBN: 0804742502;
Издательство: Stanford University Press

Book DescriptionBusinesses that produce bioscience products?gene tests and therapies, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and medical devices?are regularly confronted with ethical issues concerning these technologies. Conflicts exist between those who support advancements in bioscience and those who fear the consequences of unfettered scientific license. As the debate surrounding bioscience grows, it will be increasingly important for business managers to consider the larger consequences of their work. This groundbreaking book follows industry research, development, and marketing of medical and bioscience products across a variety of fields, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and bio-agriculture. Compelling and current case studies highlight the ethical decisions business managers frequently face. With the increasing visibility and public expectation placed on businesses in this sector, managers need to understand the ethical and social issues. This book addresses that need...

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