Обложка книги It's a Circus Out There! : Feed Your Fears to the Lions

It's a Circus Out There! : Feed Your Fears to the Lions

ISBN: 0595313299;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.

Book Description Are you clowning around with your career? Is your professional life comparable to a Three-Ring Circus? It's a Circus Out There! refers to all the crazy things that can challenge you in your job and business relationships. Learn how to roar back successfully in office power struggles. Feed Your Fears to the Lions refers to that knee-jerk reaction that most of us have when confronted with Change--Fear. Let change be your graceful high wireact. This comedy, self-help business book combines hilarious circus stories with business philosophies and strategies designed to combat fear, and to offer alternative approaches to dealing with wild people and circumstances in your work environment. Most of all, this book gives you the ability to exercise the power and control you have to Create, Choose, and Change anything in your business life.