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William Arnold

Leading from the Zone: How Authentic Leaders Achieve Exceptional Results

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ISBN: 1929170149
Издательство: Publishers Design Group
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionBill Arnold has a dream; he wants to transform the way Corporate America does business. He hopes to eliminate the grasping, self-centered style of leader whose over-inflated sense of entitlement has, in recent years, cost shareholders millions of dollars and has turned the public against big business. He plans to replace that approach with a civil, ethical, person-centered style of leadership. And he?s prepared to do this?one leader at a time. In his first book, "The Human Touch" (Wiley & Sons, NY), he showed how this style of leadership not only improves productivity and profit, but also raises workplace morale. This isn?t a new quest for Arnold; early in his business career, his own disillusionment with business leaders, and watching close, valued colleagues sell themselves to the dragon, forced him to become a president/CEO himself, so that he could radically change the system for the better. He has dedicated over 30 years to perfecting his...