Обложка книги Managing Organizational Deviance

Managing Organizational Deviance

ISBN: 0761930140;
Издательство: SAGE Publications

Book DescriptionThe success of an organization may be dependent on limiting the potential for deviant behavior, and if necessary, reacting to deviant behavior in a positive way. Focusing on the successful management of deviant behavior in the workplace and the role of the organization in creating conditions for this behavior is a crucial topic of study for those interested in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. Managing Organizational Deviance goes beyond questions of control to also consider ethical dimensions of conduct. As a result, it teaches students who will go on to inhabit organizations to become familiar with the ethical implications of deviant and dysfunctional behavior in addition to managing this behavior in an effective way. Features and Benefits: - Has contributions written by recognized experts. - Includes short cases written specifically for the volume. Considers both micro and...