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Value-Centered Ethics

ISBN: 0874258065;
Издательство: HRD Press, Inc.

Book DescriptionExplore the powerful role of managers in building an ethical workplace Value-Centered Ethics: A Proactive System to Shape Ethical Behavior Charles D. Kerns, Ph.D., MBA What?s all the fuss about ethics? Don?t all of the really bad unethical managers go to jail? Why is this relevant to me? Why should I be ethical when everyone else cheats? How can I get ahead if I am always being honest? Many managers today lack an understanding of the importance of ethical leadershipin today?s organizations. Yet how managers behave is the single most important factor in determining the level of ethical behavior in an organization. The good news is that the practice of ethical leadership is teachable and doable. Value-Centered Ethics provides a framework and system to prepare you to face real-world ethical dilemmas and decision points in your daily work?so you can avoid ever being put on the "hot seat" of ethical inquiry. Drawing from examples,...