Обложка книги Corporate Governance In Global Capital Markets

Corporate Governance In Global Capital Markets

ISBN: 077481005X;
Издательство: UBC Press

Book DescriptionThe recent failures of Enron, WorldCom, and other large publicly traded corporations have catapulted the issue of corporate governance onto the international stage. In this timely book, Janis Sarra draws together the work of legal scholars and practitioners from across North America to provide a comprehensive analysis of corporate governance issues in global capital markets. The contributors to this collection explore the theoretical underpinnings of corporate governance and provide concrete illustrations of different models and their outcomes. While the perspectives of the authors sometimes differ their common project is to explore different normative conceptions of the corporation in order to contribute to an anlysis of global trends in corporate governance. The book measures diverse theoretical perspectives against the reality of corporate operations in current capital markets, exploring the norms that inform shifts in governance practice and the influence of...