Обложка книги How Honesty Pays : Restoring Integrity to the Workplace

How Honesty Pays : Restoring Integrity to the Workplace

ISBN: 0275987876;
Издательство: Praeger Publishers

Book DescriptionAgainst the all-too-familiar backdrop of corporate scandal and greed, Charles Watson provides what he calls "a blueprint to help working men and women, from the tops of organizations to the bottoms, step forward and help restore and defend the integrity of business." Step by step, he outlines fifteen fundamental "commandments" of honest business--from "put people first" to "be your own person"--common-sensical approaches to making decisions, solving problems, and taking action in ways that deliver results without compromising on principles. Using dozens of compelling examples, from companies large and small, Watson demonstrates how honesty, integrity, and trust are at the root of such essential business concepts as creativity and innovation, risk taking, collaboration, attracting and retaining talented people, and anticipating and exceeding customer expectations. He also tackles such complex issues as how to prevent an ethical ego from becoming arrogant and how to...