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Susan?K.?? Graaff, C. Ray Rogers

Beating Par in the Merger Game: Mergers & Acquisitions the Easy Way

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ISBN: 0595263313
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Although every merger or acquisition has its' own set of unique circumstances, the business and interpersonal dynamics in significant change remain surprisingly predictable. An organization's ability to apply this approach to its unique circumstances will vary, but the authors' experience has been that using the approach discussed in this book made the average organization good, the good organization better, and the better organizations the best in the business. Market analysis has shown that only 17% ofmergers and acquisitions achieve the results they projected. This book provides executives and project managers guidance on the key imperatives required to be a part of that winning 17%. The processes, tools, and tips presented in this book are the result of years of working closely with senior executives during merger and acquisition integrations.
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