Обложка книги How to Sell Your Business: And Get the Best Price for It

How to Sell Your Business: And Get the Best Price for It

ISBN: 1592980007;
Издательство: Beaver's Pond Press

This book provides a road map of suggestions, insights, and techniques that will help owners and entrepreneurs achieve success in selling their businesses?and optimize the prices they receive. It was written to take the mystery out of the process ofselling a business, and to help newcomers to the subject become conversant with the knowledge they will need?and comfortable with the experts they will encounter?during the various stages in the selling process. The book covers the entire selling process step-by-step?from making the decision of when to sell, through determining how to market the company, to understanding the various legal documents involved in a sale, and on to closing the deal and handling the transition afterwards. Throughout the book John E. Sampson includes many experiences and stories from his successful career of working first-hand with business owners. He takes readers inside the selling process to help them seal their own deals.

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