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Jordan D. Lewis

Partnerships for Profit: Structuring and Managing Strategic Alliances

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ISBN: 0743237633
Издательство: Free Press
Faced with new levels of savage competition, tens of thousands of companies, including fierce competitors, are sharing their resources and expertise to develop new products, achieve larger scale economies, and gain access to new technology and new markets. These strategic alliances are justifiably hailed by many as the competitive weapon of the 1990s. But because they are blurring and reshaping the very structure and boundaries of corporations in unprecedented ways, the process of designing and managing these alliances confronts managers with the awesome task of inventing theory and practice on a daily basis. Up to now, they have had few places to turn for guidance. In Partnerships for Profit, Jordan D. Lewis, an internationally recognizedexpert on strategic alliances, now provides the first full-scale analysis of this surging global phenomenon. During five years of intensive field research, including 500 interview hours with more than 100 executives from some 40...