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Edwin L., Jr. Miller

The Lifecycle of a Technology Company: Acquisitions - A Guide for Successful Exit Strategies (Lifecycle of a Technology Company)

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ISBN: 1596220147
Издательство: Aspatore Books
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionAt every stage of a technology company's growth cycle it faces different challenges, opportunities and legal issues. The Lifecycle of a Technology Company series addresses such issues in separate, distinct volumes to give readers criticalinformation tools, specific to their particular needs. These books discuss the principle business, legal and tax issues at each phase of growth, offering bottom-line affecting, growth-driving and objective-specific tactics and other critical insights. Written and arranged by business lawyers with many years of experience in this legal discipline, each volume contains a general discussion of the issues representative of each growth phase, as well as in-depth articles and sample legal forms on selected topics. Different volumes for different stages with different sets of objectives - must-read books for anyone building, funding or exiting a technology company. Somewhat more commonplace, yet equally as complicated as IPOs, are mergers...
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