Обложка книги 40 Lessons in Problem Solving

40 Lessons in Problem Solving

ISBN: 0-8251-2809-9;
Издательство: J. Weston Walch, Publisher
Страниц: 178

Make problem solving an integral part of your mathematics program. This book gives you enough material to present a new problem-solving activity that ties into your curriculum each week. Lessons are grouped into the categories of - numerical patterns - geometric patterns - problem solving in probability - using graphs and diagrams - using pictures and charts Activities involve Pascal's triangle, the calendar, geometric numbers, area and perimeter, tossing dice, and other interesting topics. Teaching materials for each lesson include detailed explanations of problem-solving techniques, reproducible transparency masters, step-by-step teaching procedures, and problem solutions. Student lesson pages provide reproducible worksheets complete with explanations, problems, and helpful illustrations. These activities are ideal for implementing methods suggested in the NCTM Standards. Note: This book is a substantially...