Обложка книги Advantage Play: The Manager's Guide to Creative Problem Solving

Advantage Play: The Manager's Guide to Creative Problem Solving

ISBN: 1552633497;
Издательство: Key Porter Books

In Advantage Play, magician, producer and former tax lawyer David Ben explores the relationship between the secrets of magic and the secrets of success. In lively prose peppered with references to conjurers past and present, Advantage Play offers readers an intensive course in gaining the upper hand. Using classic magic tricks as case studies, Ben applies a magician's most sophisticated techniques to a business manager's most central concerns -- creativity, problem solving, sales and team management. The goal is to teach people how to think like magicians, strike the word "impossible" from their vocabulary, harness their creativity, and control their destinies. Thought provoking, surprising and full of practical magic, this is essential reading for Advantage Players present and future.

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