Обложка книги AFTER ATLANTIS: Working, Managing, and Leading in Turbulent Times

AFTER ATLANTIS: Working, Managing, and Leading in Turbulent Times

ISBN: 0750698845; 9780750698849;
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Страниц: 192

Based on both fundamental theory and practical experience, After Atlantis identifies a broad range of approaches that will better equip individuals and organizations not only to react in time to change but to become pro-active in creating a positive future for themselves and their organizations. It is a practical field guide to understanding and mastering turbulence within organizations and across the global marketplace. After Atlantis takes the position that no single activity will assure success. It is grounded in the most advanced, field-tested, and robust theories about innovation and leadership, and will help organizations to construct their future with meaning and to meet the needs of their customers. The international team of contributors includes Peter Beerten and Kaat Exterbille of Belgium, Tom Lyons of Ireland, and Frank Heckman of the United States. Ned Hamson has been editor of The Journal for Quality and Participation since 1985. His duties as editor...

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